April 22, 2024
Small Team of Good Friends Has Started Fast Action

A small team of good friends has started a rapid communication movement for the construction of the Mbinudita school in East Sumba, NTT

We had a meeting with the local committee team, regional stakeholders and Mbinudita school management.
Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, Fair Future Indonesia, Charis Sumba Foundation, Sumba Education Care Community, Praipaha Village Head, Waitama Main School representatives for Parallel class Mbinudita, School Committee, Kaur, to civilian volunteers and local architects of Waingapu attended and interacted with each other for the maturity of project implementation planning.

From that meeting, the team tried to finalize details such as from the working drawings we received from the #Archimetriz team of architects. Then we also came to the Building Shop to dig up information on the availability of raw materials, the stores we visited were still part of the supplier and donor network for the alumni community in Surabaya.

Next, the committee team will provide a development update report to the Regent of East Sumba, so that what is built can be supported and will protect each other in the future.

So we’ve started what we planned together.


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