July 24, 2024
Mbinudita Water Reservoir


In Mbinudita, water is one of the energies that is often difficult to obtain. Usually residents have to walk 1.5-3 kilometers to the springs or harvest dew water from the excavations of the cliff walls.

The construction of this cast-concrete water reservoir is used as a learning process for residents to later be able to make the next reservoir independently. By bringing in experts in the field of applied technology to share how to make reservoirs independently.

Residents of Mbinudita are expected to be able to build reservoirs independently, this first reservoir will be an example that can be applied by residents.

The man who was born in Benjina Maluku has devoted himself as an instructor for Clean Water Management in East Sumba, the knowledge he has gained from his learning process at Access Life Bali. All of his knowledge is applied to help the community to get clean water. With applied innovations, utilizing materials and equipment that are easily available and inexpensive, Nicko continues to be challenged to answer the need for clean water in East Sumba in particular.

Mr. Rinto
Mr. Rinto is a community representative figure who participated and was responsible for the construction of the Mbinudita RT 03 reservoir facility. All processes from the beginning to the use of the water reservoir are currently under the responsibility of Mr. Rinto. In addition, he can help rebuild the next water reservoirs if other residents want to rebuild, because all the processes are followed carefully by Mr. Rinto. His strong and agile hands make the process of making this water reservoir faster with the help of other residents under his command.


The entire process of making the Mbinudita water reservoir was carried out for 4 full days, including the process of waiting for the dining reservoir to dry. The work involves 4 to 8 residents in one neighborhood of the Neighborhood Association (RT).

  • Scoping / Survey
  • Community Agreement
  • Material Procurement
  • Tank Making
  • Reservoir Filling
  • Water Harvester Installation

The process of making this reservoir is quite simple, with materials that are easily available and easy to replicate. It is carried out independently by residents accompanied by experts in the applied field. The mothers, children and fathers, took part in the whole series of activities. They learn concepts to practice in technical work in the field.

The rainwater harvesting installation is installed on the roof of Mr. Rinto’s house, a stilt house with a corrugated tin roof. This roof has an area of 12 x 10 meters, with the installation of gutters on two sides, namely on the left side of the house and the front. If it rains heavily, the roof of Mr. Rinto’s house can harvest rainwater that fills the 6500 liter water reservoir in approximately 3 hours.

This installation is done independently by residents assisted by experts to be directed right at the mouth of the reservoir. The calculation of the slope and the size of the pipe used will determine the speed at which the reservoir will be filled with rainwater.

Mbinudita is one area that has more rainy days than other sub-districts or villages. With this consideration, making rainwater as a source of clean water is the right choice. In addition, the expanse of savanna around Mbinudita also produces dew that falls on the roof of the stilt house and collects through gutters installed on both sides of Mr. Rinto’s house.

If the rainy season has not yet arrived, or the rainy season does not stop in Mbinudita, the residents have agreed to collect funds voluntarily to jointly order tank water from the private sector to fill water reservoirs. So the need for water in RT. 03 can still be met. The rupiah value of this tank water is Rp. 250.000,- with a volume of 5,000 liters. One time filling this reservoir can meet household needs for approximately 1 week.

Now, residents of RT 03 Mbinudita can enjoy clean water, both water from rainwater storage and water purchased using water tanks together. For the purposes of bathing, washing and toileting, cooking and watering the vegetables which are now starting to be planted by residents around the house. With clean water, it is hoped that the health of residents will improve. The joint commitment of the residents in maintaining and caring for water reservoirs for the common good. Thank you Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Foundation for bringing water closer to the people of Mbinudita.

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