May 20, 2024
The People of Gotong Royong Flatten the Land

In the early Sunday of March, mbinu dita residents began excavation work on the hill, structuring the land for the construction site of waitama parallel school preparation village Mbinu Dita.

There seems to be a spirit of togetherness for the presence of more viable educational facilities for children in their hamlet (preparatory village). Mothers and children don’t want to lose out to fathers to join together.

In April, our move was put on hold with the coronavirus response period. In the document process, the certificate is withheld because the office is closed. Building materials that originally used concrete modulars we had to make changes due to transportation constraints that made the financial burden high, are currently being re-reinforced the design with more affordable materials for the build structure.

Therefore, we decided to extend the receiving period of this donation, hopefully the end of the response period and the end of this pandemic outbreak soon.

a.n Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation
Annisa Yuniar

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