July 24, 2024
As part of the event organised by Pohon Tua Creatorium “The Participles vol.02”

As part of the event organised by Pohon Tua Creatorium “The Participles vol.02” on September 12, 2020, we are happy to open the auction of several artwork. Part of the profits will be donated to Kawan Baik Indonesia for the re-construction of Mbinu Dita’s school in Sumba.

The auction will be held during two weeks, until September 26. During this time, you can come to admire all of those paintings and exhibitions in Rumah Sanur or via the virtual exhibition on the auction page. An exhibition made by Kawan Baik Indonesia on Mbinu Dita’s journey will also be presented!

Soul and Kith @soulandkith is a musical duo, Aik and Ardy. But they are not only working together in music, this time they poured their expression on canvas and paper.

They decided to donate two of their artwork to Kawan Baik Indonesia to support Sumba’s school.

Art that is created through a collaboration between artists from different creative fields will inevitably produce something that exceeds all expectations. This is the case in this collaboration between Balinese artists Erick Est (director/videographer), Made Bayak (painter), and Dialog Dini Hari (musicians) on the artwork “Hyena”.

Three of the five paintings were auctioned at the launch of the video clip on June 19, 2020. Here are the last two, donated to support to the rebuilding of Mbinu Dita’s school in Sumba.

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