May 20, 2024
Happy National Teacher’s Day

Happy National Teacher’s Day

This year’s Teacher’s Day Kawan Baik is dedicated to the Teachers of SD Paralel Mbinudita.

Unsanked teachers are very real and Mbinudita students are lucky children to have them teachers with high dedication.

The teaching and learning activities room that had to move from the top of Mbinudita hill before it collapsed, then moved into a residential loan house, and now in a temporary building that is still half finished, they lakoni.

The honorary teachers in this school are also strong and resilient teachers, they continue to teach despite not receiving honors, due to the cessatien of donation assistance, the effects of the pandemic that has not yet ended.

They actually volunteer for unsan meritless education.

In between, the teachers were also involved in helping in the process of building Mbinudita school.

Mrs. Erni, Mrs. Mira, and Mrs. Esther, Thank you Teacher…

for your great service and as a lamp for the Indonesian generation in Mbinudita.


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