May 20, 2024
Collective Exhibition “RHYTHMIC CERAMICS”

Education and access to information in general are key to all development, regardless of region, country or continent. For the younger generation, it is a better life expectancy. When Kawan Baik Indonesia learned that SD Mbinu Dita had collapsed on December 18, 2019, the school they had visited a few weeks earlier, they committed to rebuilding it, hand in hand with the community.

This elementary school was previously built of wood and bamboo sticks, roofed with reeds, ground floor, built by parents, teachers and the surrounding community. Because the nearest school is too far for elementary school, 8 km round trip, the distance they have to travel every day on foot. The power of togetherness, collaboration, and passion make this possible. This exhibition is a representation of the journey in rebuilding this school, far from everything, without access to water or electricity, as well as a lack of knowledge.

Aquarelle painting, by @Anuroe depicts this collaboration and collaboration between volunteer architects, builders, communities, foundations and children in rebuilding their school. In the process of rebuilding Mbinu Dita school, we not only provide access to education for children, but for all local residents, to learn about new things in improving knowledge with collaboration and in future programs. At the top of that hill, the school building has stood. To meet the need for education, as in many other remote areas in East Sumba.

This work will be displayed in

?Open: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020, 6pm – 9pm
The exhibition runs until 19 Dec 2020 in @umaseminyak

maintained by Setia Ceramic & Arts, together with the artists involved:

Mariko Sugimoto
Sathya Viku’s Locks
Rio Simatupang
Strong Ramadan
10/20 2015
Beta Imacullata
Aik Krisnayanti
Bayu Spears

? ?Motion Graphic
Mariko Sugimoto x Kuncir SV x Nuymotion

? The Painting #BangunMbinuDita by @KawanBaikIndonesia

? Music:
Old Tree, Good, Coconightma, Soul and Kith

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