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Bangun Mbinu Dita Pictures taken 23-27 October 2020

Dear friends, dear families and dear all,

Seriously we all are speechless in the face of the work accomplished in a little over two months by all the Kawans Bail (good friends) of the Fair Future Foundation and the Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation.

Hard to believe that less than two months ago, it was almost nothing here on the top of this hill here in East Sumba, on the #RebuildMbinuDita website. We started from the scratch, or just some ruins of the old previous school, some bamboos, old stones and corrugated sheets which were used until December 19, 2019, for the two classes of MbinuDita. Its was before its destruction by a big storm!

It took us all, including the people of the region, to imagine, create, find solutions, make compromises… We had  (and we still ) to live every day on the site for several months. And all this “only” in order to be able to offer a new school to these more than 100 children who are today the future of the region and of its economic development. But also for future generations of kids who will come every day to attend this beautiful school in order to “take over” from the elders and give themselves an additional chance to access a better future. For them, for their parents, for the village, the region and the whole country.

Indeed, as of this writing, we can’t help but think of our first visit to the site here, on one of the thousands of hills that make up the quasi-lunar landscape of East Sumba. We were there to meet all these children from there aged 8 to 10 years old. Thanks to this school, they walked less to go to school in order to learn to read, to count, to speak. But it was still necessary to walk for those who live further, 5 to 8 kilometres there and back. Often this walk or this race was done without shoes, without water, without road either because the shortest path is as we all know, the straight line: Either for them all, through the rocky hills.

And today, despite the global health crisis that is our daily life and has become an essential element in our trips from the Foundation’s headquarters, and which also conditions our work on-site, we are there: A school exists and it is beautiful, resistant, functional. This school will accommodate three classes, for three different school levels (1, 2 and 3 rd level), instead of two previously. We have been able to respond to the request of the socio-educational authorities and the needs in terms of school levels and the number of children in the region and therefore are really in tune with the real needs of this very poor region.

We’re happy to be here today, you know? Proud of the work accomplished, proud of all the help we receive from the local people here, people from elsewhere too. Proud to have been able to overcome all the problems encountered and to have always known and been able to provide an adequate and quick answer. This being due to the fact that we are there, on-site, as with all the actions that we have been carrying out for more than a decade. We are those who are attentive to needs, who do the studies, develop a project and implement it on the development site.

We still do not have a word! Nevertheless, the only two that stand out naturally are: Bravo and thank you

To help us, to help them, you can make a donation here. Or make a bank donation to one of the two Swiss foundation accounts here by following this link. Thank you so much for your interest and benevolence for the #RebuildMbiuDita project Kawan’s.

Alexandre Wettstein – Fair Future Foundation – Swiss State Approved NGO – Sumba, October 27th, 2020
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