Water Connections

Water Tank Kabaru
This reservoir in Kabaru village is the third reservoir built by the foundation with the participation of residents with a size of 5000 liters.
No. Data Information
1 Village Name Mbinudita
2 Hamlet Name Kabaru, Dusun Tana Karang
3 RT 04
4 RW 02
5 PIC Petrus Tay Landu Pari
6 Number of Families 9 Families
7 Number of peoples 34 peoples
8 Number of Houses 8 Houses
9 Facilities built 5000 Liter Ferrocement Reservoir and 2 units of white stone MCK
10 Point Coordinates 8X7X+VH2 Prai Paha, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara
This reservoir in Kabaru village is the third reservoir built by the foundation with the participation of residents, the first 5000 liters reservoir using four plywood ferrocement malls with a height of 2.4 meters. The construction of this size ferrocement mall was carried out jointly in Mbinudita Elementary School with residents from other villages as a joint learning process and knowledge transfer process. Then proceed with the construction of a reservoir in RT 04. This bright white reservoir is very clearly visible from the school hill, right under the roof of the main house in the village, because in addition to receiving water from drilled wells, this reservoir is also expected to catch rainwater that falls on the roof.

With a reservoir in this village, local residents can garden vegetables all day long, they don’t have to wait for the rain to come, because they can water the vegetables with water from the reservoir. Seen from afar, vegetable beds are arranged around the reservoir, and residents admit that they are happy to be able to grow vegetables for their daily needs and also for sale. What’s interesting about the reservoir and local residents is that the garden can generate economic income which is then used to buy diesel fuel to start the generator engine to bring water to their village. Less than a week, representatives from RT 04 residents always come to the water committee to deposit diesel fuel to drain water to fill their reservoirs.

Now the people in Kabaru village look fresher, because they have started a new habit of bathing every day, even bathing twice a day. But what is no less important is that residents can fulfill their household nutritional needs from their yard, no longer just rice or corn, but by adding healthy vegetables. Not infrequently also residents from other villages come to buy or just ask for vegetables that are planted.