Water Connections

Water Tank Terminal (Village’s Land Area)
3rd ferro cement reservoir with a capacity of 6000 Liters which was built in the Mbinu Dita Water Connections project
Not. Data Information
1 Village Name Mbinudita
2 Hamlet Name Lai Tujuk, Dusun Tana Karang
3 RT 03
4 RW 02
5 picture Water Committee
6 Number of KK
7 Number of people
8 Number of Houses
9 Facilities built 6000 Liter Ferrocement Tank and 2 units of Ferrocement MCK
10 Point Coordinates 8X9X+7Q6 PraiPaha, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara
The 3rd ferro cement reservoir with a capacity of 600 Liters which was built in the Mbinu Dita Water Coection project, is a reservoir located on village land, this location is also planned by the village government to build a village office in the future. From the school reservoir to the village reservoir, a 1/2 cm HDPE pipe is currently connected. With a length of 100 m. The village reservoir is functioned as a distribution terminal reservoir after receiving flow from the school reservoir, but at any time it can also accommodate flow directly from drilled wells. This location was also chosen because it is located at a higher point than the surrounding villages, so it is able to drain water with gravity.

In each of these reservoir construction processes, the village government and the entire community have an active role, besides helping the construction of the reservoir, it is hoped that the residents can understand the process of constructing the ferro cement reservoir so that in the future they can independently build new reservoirs in their respective villages. As a distribution terminal reservoir, so far the village reservoir has distributed clean water to 3 villages, namely, Kapoluh, RT 03, Lai Tujuk, RT 03, and Kabaru, RT 04 and still has the potential to flow water to other villages that are already under planning. .