Water Connections

Water Tank – First Station Drilling Wells Area
The 6000 Liter capacity reservoir located near the drilled well is the 2nd Ferro cement reservoir which was built as a terminal reservoir.
No. Data Information
1 Village Name Mbinudita
2 Name of Backwoods Tana Karang Backwoods
3 RT 03
4 RW 02
5 PIC Water Committee
6 Number of KK
7 Number of Peoples
8 Number of Houses
9 Facilities built 6000 Liter Ferrocement Tank
10 Point Coordinates 8X9W+WX9 PraiPaha, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

The 6000 Liter capacity reservoir located near the borehole is the 2nd Ferro cement reservoir that was built, designated as a terminal reservoir and can also be used by land owners in the borehole area. Since the drilling of the well, the installation to the reservoir, this location is the most difficult to reach because it is located at the foot of the hill, so all equipment and materials must be transported manually from the top of the hill through steep terrain, but thanks to the persistence of the residents they get access to clean air, working together from the ground up. various backgrounds took part in the development.

Starting from the participation of children going up and down hills to pick up and delivering goods, gentlemen who built reservoirs, to groups of mothers using bucket containers, going back and forth up and down the hill of material, although sometimes they have to go down because they pass through steep terrain, these mothers still managed to laugh and laugh while singing a thanksgiving song in Sumba (ludu Pahangu). Until now, all processes in the drilled well area have completed construction work and the reservoir is filled and ready to be used by residents