Water Connections

Rita’s Public Toilet
The ferrocement water reservoir has been built and can be used if it rains, water can be accommodated in this reservoir.
No. Data Information
1 Village Name Mbinudita
2 Hamlet Name Rita, Dusun Tana Lambi
3 RT 05
4 RW 03
5 PIC Hanawil Maleru
6 Number of Families 10 KOs
7 Number of peoples 42 Soul
8 Number of Houses 10 Houses
9 Facilities built Public toilet
10 Point Coordinates 8296+CHR Tandula Jangga, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

Public toilet work in Rita’s village has just begun


  • Work on the 11th day continued with the construction of the 2nd toilet roof mall. Casting, zinc fitting and painting facilities.
  • The piping work was continued the next day, the water taps were then residents cleaned up the area.

Residents’ participation in Kampung Rita is quite good. Rain intensity is still high. Residents still use tarpaulins to take shelter in finishing works as well.