Water Connections

Piping Connection of Clean Water Access
The function of the piping is to flow water from the drilled well to the residents' water tank.
No. Data Length
The school drilled well into the School Water Tank
2 Drilled well to Kalu Water Tank 150m
3 Water Tank Kalu to resident’s house 1 341 m
4 Water Tank Kalu to the resident’s house 2 66m
5 The school Water Tank goes to the Village Terminal Water Tank 95m
6 Village Terminal Water Tank to Kapolih, Paddi, Womaru, and Kokur Water Tank 2122m
7 Village Terminal Water Tank to Kabaru Water Tank 411m
8 Village Terminal Water Tank to Lai Tujuk Water Tank 427 m
9 Praikalembung Water Tank towards Kilimbatu Water Tank 318m
10 Praikalembung Water Tank towards Gai Water Tank 194 m
11 Lumbu Nangga Water Tank to Praikalembung Water Tank 135m
12 Payianu drilled well to Lumbu Nangga Water Tank 94 m
13 Payianu drilled well to Payianu Water Tank 46m
14 Payianu drilled well to Palindi Water Tank 256m


In the Mbinudita Waterconnections project, pipes were purchased with a total length of 6,000 meters. This pipeline was purchased by the Fair Future Foundation, Vivo, Puriva, and donations from residents.

These pipes are laid from the water source of the drilled well through the underground planting route to the residents’ Water Tank . Residents work together to dig and plant pipes throughout the village.

The pipes used are of the HDPE type with varying diameters, ranging from 0.5 to 2 inches according to needs.