Water Connections

Kilimbatu Water Reservoir
The ferrocement water reservoir has been built and can be used if it rains, water can be accommodated in this reservoir.
No. Data Information
1 Village Name Mbinudita
2 Hamlet Name Kilimbatu I, Pahomba
3 RT 08
4 RW 04
5 PIC John Rada Muri
6 Number of Families 12 families
7 Number of peoples 40 Souls
8 Number of Houses 8 Houses
9 Facilities built Ferrocement Reservoir
10 Point Coordinates Prai Paha, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

The construction of the reservoir in the second week in Kilimbatu I village included the construction of the outside and inside of the reservoir. The process of installing the pipe and also making the cover for the reservoir with residents and the foundation team.

Pretty good. Even though there are customary matters and delaying working time, the residents are enthusiastic.

The target of completing the construction of facilities in this area was hampered by the presence of residents because of traditional/religious events so that it was delayed from the planned time.

This week the residents are actively working on the construction of the facility in two shifts (day and night) so that the time planning is not too late from what has been mutually agreed upon.