Water Connections

Kabaru Water Reservoir 2
The reservoir in Kabaru village is the third reservoir built by a foundation with the participation of residents, which is 7,000 liters in size.
No. Data Information
1 Village Name Mbinudita
2 Hamlet Name Kabaru, Dusun Tana Karang
3 RT 04
4 RW 02
5 PIC Alex H. Taranjan
6 Number of Families 5 families
7 Number of peoples 20 Peoples
8 Number of Houses 4 Houses
9 Facilities built Ferrocement Water Tank 7000 Liter
10 Point Coordinates -9.68343, 119.99793

water tank capacity of 7000 liters.

Because the group’s agreement requested that the aid be divided into 2 at 2 different points.

At present a half reservoir with a capacity of 2500 Liters has been built, near the house of father Cindi and near the house of Father Mariana the portion is also half, but from Mr. Mariana he is willing to add material so that he can continue to build reservoirs with a capacity of 6000 Liters.